CardiAc Simulators

CATHI offers an excellent simulator for endovascular procedures, interventionalists can train carotid artery stenting & mechanical thrombectomy in a realistic and much more but safe environment.

OB-GYN simulators

From early pregnancy complications, high-risk deliveries, and postpartum emergencies to non-gravid scenarios for general nursing care

Emergency and Trauma Simultors

Trauma patient simulator featuring bleeding, pressure-sensitive wounds and trauma limbs. For immersive emergency response and advanced life support simulation-based training.

Skill development simulators

Develop experties from in basic handling of equipment, suturing arms, IV/IM injections, LP, Auscaltation and much more

Our Approach

Support across the Lifecycle

Understanding the entire experience

Experience flow mapping displays and documents opportunities for improvement

Unlocking insight from all perspectives

Soliciting broad stakeholder input captures the insights needed to effect deep, meaningful change

Using data and analytics to guide decisions

Analysis of multiple data sources offers fact-based underpinning for recommendations and tracking

Sharing recommendations and Solutions

Mutual “ownership of the recommendation” improves the implementation of improved processes

Deneb Corporation was formed in 2013 with a desire to deliver management consulting. The organization has developed over the years and diversified into the healthcare Consulting and Technology space as well. The company believes in building the future of healthcare.

Deneb Corporation is focused on four business segments. Healthcare consulting, Healthcare Technologies, Digital Health and Scientific Technologies.

Deneb is equipped with strong market knowledge, passionately creative & technical teams, and customer focused approach in developing the future of healthcare in Pakistan.

Deneb occupies a unique position at the center of healthcare, our solutions help providers improve patient access, deliver high quality and safe care, improve experience for all those involved as well as to identify ways in which care can be made as efficient and cost effective as possible.

We blend our knowledge of the Pakistan health systems together with our global partners to provide solutions to the healthcare opportunities in Pakistan.

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